How to Jump Higher in Crash Bandicoot 4

Crash Bandicoot 4 4 (1)

Crash Bandicoot can jump and double jump – but did you know you can get him even higher? Here’s how to jump higher and reach those high areas in Crash Bandicoot 4.

If you’re playing as Crash or Coco in Crash Bandicoot 4, they each have an ability to jump higher. Pressing the jump button twice (A on Xbox One, X on PS4) will have them do a double jump. But their special jump allows them to reach even higher.

To do a high jump, crouch down (B on Xbox One, circle on PS4). From the crouching position, double jump. They’ll now jump even higher; it’s very useful for getting over tall obstacles. You’ll need to use this plenty of times throughout your adventure in Crash Bandicoot 4.


If you’re playing as Tawna, however, you won’t have this ability. Tawna can double jump, but she can’t do an extra jump from crouching. It’s not a problem: instead, Tawna’s special ability allows her to use a hook-shot. This can grab out-of-reach items, or pull Tawna to new areas. Her levels are specially designed to make use of the hook-shot, so she’ll never need to do an extra jump.

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