How to Save Your Game in Ikenfell


Wondering how to save your game in Ikenfell, the engaging turn-based strategy adventure from Humble Games? Here’s what you need to know.

Straight off the bat, you can tell that Ikenfell is an old-fashioned adventure. Its pixelated graphics ooze the charm of the likes of Link’s Awakening. And so it should come as no surprise to you that this is a game that doesn’t support free manual saves, or auto saves. But don’t worry. Saving your game in Ikenfell is easy.

The game uses save points, and thankfully these are fairly generously located all around the game’s world.


See a sleeping cat on your journey through Ikenfell? That’s a save point! Interacting with the cat will let you pet it. Not only does that restore your health to maximum, it also lets you create a save for your game.

You have multiple save files to choose from, so you can have multiple concurrent saves if you wish. Of course, you can also choose to overwrite the same file if you’re not bothered about going back to an earlier point in your adventure.

Cats seem fairly well spread out through the game. You’ll find the first shortly after you begin your adventure, in the woods. Another one appears in the first Inn you visit. Keep an eye out for cats, and ensure you interact with them each time to save your game.