How to Scan in Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars Squadrons 4 (1)

As you make your way through Star Wars: Squadrons, you’ll be required to scan things from time to time.

You’ll be asked to scan cargo ships to detect what they’re carrying, for example, and also fuel canisters to determine if they’re still combustible. If you weren’t paying attention during Star Wars: Squadrons‘ tutorials, or have returned to the game after a break, however, you might be wondering how you perform a scan.

To perform a scan in Star Wars: Squadrons, you first need to lock on to the ship or object you wish to investigate. If you’re playing the game with a controller on any platform, to lock on you simply need to press the left trigger with the object or ship you wish to scan in your sights. A scan will then automatically commence once you’re within 1,000 meters of your target, providing you keep it in your sights. Just slow down a little if needs be until the scan is finished, which usually takes just a few seconds.