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IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming Pro MMO Gaming Mouse Review

Pro MMO Gaming Mouse

It may have been designed for those who spend ample time with MMOs, but IOGEARS’s Kaliber Gaming Pro MMO Gaming Mouse will serve all gamers well, actually.

Seeing the Kaliber Gaming Pro MMO Gaming Mouse in its box doesn’t do it justice. It looks pretty plain, and its very shiny black buttons make it look somewhat cheap. When you get it out of the box, however, you realise that this thing is very well-built. Shiny black buttons and all, it feels very solid. The icing on the cake is a lovely braided cable that’s long enough to handle pretty much any setup.

When you plug it in, you’re likely to be further impressed. The Kaliber Gaming Pro MMO Gaming Mouse features beautiful RGB backlighting, illuminating the wheel, a KG logo on the palm rest, and a strip on the rear of the mouse. By default it constantly shifts colours, providing a pleasing glow. You can change that if you want, but we’ll get to that later.

Being quite a chunky mouse, it’s probably best suited to larger hands. It’s comfortable to hold, and has somewhere to rest all of your fingers. A cover on the underside of the mouse can be rotated and then removed to reveal a number of removable weights, allowing you to fine-tune how cumbersome it is to move. In my experience that cover is perhaps a little too hard to remove, but once you’ve done it and got the weight of the mouse just right, chances are you aren’t going to touch it again. My advice is to do it first before plugging it in.

Pro MMO GAming Mouse 2

On top of the mouse you have your standard left and right click buttons, as well as a clickable wheel and + and – buttons that can be used to instantly change the sensitivity of the mouse. Going all the way up to 16,000 DPI, I found the second setting suited me for most tasks, but the buttons’ ease of access mean it’s easy to change on the fly. There’s also another button on top, as well as six on the side, that are perfect for programming your own actions to. Though to do so, you need software.

Head on over to the IOGEAR website and you’ll find everything you need. Then, with the Kaliber Gaming Pro MMO Gaming Mouse software installed, you truly can get the most out of it. Each one of the mouse’s twelve buttons can be reprogrammed quickly and easily, and better yet, multiple profiles can be created. Other features include a Macro editor, and customisable DPI, Mouse Paramater and Polling Rate settings. With the software, you can also change the behaviour of the RGB backlight. Many effects are available, and you can tweak most of them to your liking.

Pro MMO Gaming Mouse 3

Once you’re all set up, you’ll find those programmable buttons very useful in gaming. You can assign them to your most frequently used skills in an action RPG, or to quickly melee your opponents in a first-person shooter. But even discounting the buttons, the Kaliber Gaming Pro MMO Gaming Mouse is pleasing to use. It’s comfortable to hold for extended periods of time, the buttons are responsive, and the tracking is flawless. It truly is hard to find any faults.

With a retail price of just $59.95, IOGEAR’s Kaliber Gaming Pro MMO Gaming Mouse comes highly recommended. It may not look as fancy or as premium of some of the high-end gaming mice out there, but it certainly competes with them on comfort and performance. It has all the features you’d expect and possibly more at its price bracket, and its many programmable buttons will be a huge boon in most of the titles you’re likely to play.

Check out the IOGEAR website to find your nearest Kaliber Gaming Pro MMO Gaming Mouse reseller

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