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Let’s Sing Queen Review

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Due to the current state of the world, nipping around to your local for a spot of karaoke isn’t recommended.

That’s if you do such things, anyway. In our house, we just wait until a Friday or Saturday night, get a few drinks down our necks, then boot up something like Singstar or Let’s Sing. Now we’ve got another batch of songs to add to our rotation thanks to Let’s Sing Queen.

Let’s face it, Queen are legendary. If you love music, you love Queen, it’s as simple as that. We Are the Champions, Bohemian Rhapsody, I Want to Break Free; these are songs that if you hear being played, you either sing along to them in your head or belt them out to the best of your abilities. And so from the moment you boot Let’s Sing Queen up, you’re raring to go.

There are multiple modes in which to test your singing prowess. Classic mode is likely to prove the most popular, in which you simply choose a song and up to four players can attempt to do it justice. You can be competitive if you want, or just sing along and have a fun time. Feat. mode, on the other hand, requires co-operation. Two players take part in a duet, taking turns to sings parts of the song before attempting to harmonise with each other. At the end, you’re given a compatibility score.

If you want the experience to be more gamified, Mixtape mode is a good place to start. It presents a bucketload of pre-made five-song medleys for 1-4 players to butcher, and custom medleys can also be created. There’s a Let’s Party mode for 1-8 players, too, in which two teams battle it out to collect coins. But a range of effects, such as the lyrics occasionally being blurred, adds more chaos and challenge.

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In all of Let’s Sing Queen‘s multiplayer modes AI competitors can be added, which is a nice touch if you’re stuck playing alone. There is also a dedicated single-player mode, however, in World Contest. Do you think you’re a great singer? Challenge other players and prove yourself, increasing your rank as you go. You might feel a bit like a berk singing alone, but why not if you feel like belting out some Queen hits?

30 classic Queen tracks make up Let’s Sing Queen‘s playlist, and once you’ve completed a song it can be freely listened to via Jukebox mode if you’d like to give your voice a rest for a while. On the subject of unlocking things, as you rank up, you expand the range of avatars available to represent players open to displaying their vocal talents. They’re rather pointless, but also disarmingly cute.

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If you buy a physical copy of Let’s Sing Queen it’s likely to come bundled with a USB microphone or two, which is probably the best way to enjoy the game. You don’t need traditional mics to play though; a headset with a mic attached will do, and there’s also a Let’s Sing app that lets you use your phone. We’ve tried real mics and our phones, and they both work a treat with no issues whatsoever.

Let’s Sing Queen is what it is. It takes the tried and tested Let’s Sing formula and swamps it with a bevvy of popular Queen tracks. So, if you love Queen, and you enjoy a good sing-song, you’ll love Let’s Sing Queen. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t, why are you even considering it? You do have to question whether this Queen-centric entry in the Let’s Sing series was necessary though – it probably could have just been a DLC pack for Let’s Sing 2020 or the upcoming 2021. Regardless, it’s a well put together package even though there aren’t any surprises. And it’s sure to liven up any party.

Let’s Sing Queen is available on PS4, Xbox One and Switch. We reviewed it on Xbox One X with a code provided by the game’s publisher.

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