Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp Review

Who knew monsters could be so picky?

The monsters at Spooky High are the pickiest. You’d be picky too if you were a demon prince, a coven witch, an intelligent and sentient robot or any of the other fantastical monsters you can date in Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp. A sequel to Monster Prom, this time around players aren’t trying to take the monster of their dreams to prom. Instead, they’re trying to get a date to watch a meteor shower. It is camp, after all, and what’s more romantic than laying down in the grass and watching the stars with your beau?

While none of these monsters should really be allowed outside of the safety of their high school due to their inherent destructiveness, it’s nice to see these characters in a summer camp environment. It feels like any high school drama sequel. Plus, it means players get to see the characters in brand new outfits. I’m talking Damien without a shirt, Scott with short shorts; that kind of thing. Yummy, yummy. You’ll be venturing to the lake for some swimming, archery practice, toasting marshmallows by a fire and more while trying to romance one of your classmates.

Anyone who played the first Monster Prom will know the drill. But if you haven’t played the first – and you definitely don’t have to in order to play this one – then the gameplay is pretty simple to jump into. You have a set of stats that include Charm, Fun, Boldness, etc. You get these base stats at the beginning of the game by choosing which items you’ll bring to camp in your backpack. Each romanceable character in the game has a set of these stats that are important to them. For example, Damien, the Demon Prince, favours boldness and fun. If you decide that you want to romance Damien you’ll have to have some successful interactions with him during the game and have your boldness and fun stats up as high as you can get them.

To raise your stats there are a variety of different things you can do. At the beginning of each day you’ll be able to visit one of a few locations at camp – the lake, the woods or the manor, just to name a few. You’ll get a boost to your stats simply for being in one of these locations. Then, you’ll have an interaction with other characters there where you’ll have to make a choice. Usually there’s only two options: one that the character you’re trying to romance will like, and one they will not. Choose correctly and you’ll boost your stats; choose incorrectly and your stats will be lowered.

Failing one interaction doesn’t necessarily mean your beau won’t go to the meteor shower with you, but you’ll have to work even harder to make sure to get those stats up before the end of the game. If you opt to play a short game, it’s very hard to keep your stats up, so I recommend hunkering down for the full game if you’re just starting out.

New to Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp is the drinks cat. A wizard-in-training, this furry feline gives the players drinks when they’re at the campfire at the end of the day. These drinks can give players positive stats or negative stats, so it’s always a bit of gamble. Once you’ve played a few rounds, you’ll learn what the different drinks do and you’ll be able to (hopefully) fend off any of the bad concoctions that the cat attempts to give to you.

Other than making choices and visiting different locations, Monster Prom 2, just like the first game, is all about chatting. You’ll be meeting with all of the different characters and getting to know their personalities. The first time you play, you’ll probably make a blind decision on who you’d like to romance. But as you play more, you’ll get to know each characters’ personality, so the decision gets easier each time. And you’ll want to play multiple times because there are hundreds of different events to encounter. Each character has their own secret endings, too.

One of the issues I came across in my first few rounds of Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp is that you’re often forced to romance a single character based on one choice you make at the beginning of the game. For example, at the beginning of the game I chose to bring “The Art of War” with me to camp which made Dahlia, the blue demon, very happy. From then on, I was romancing Dahlia – no ifs, ands, or buts about it. After failing two interactions with her, I figured it would be in my interest to try someone else, but no matter where I went Dahlia was always there. The only way to counter this is to sit with someone else at the campfire at the end of the day, but it still feels as though whoever you choose at the very beginning is who you’re forced into romancing for the remainder.

Like Monster PromMonster Prom 2: Monster Camp can be played solo or you can play with friends. Its multiplayer mode is what makes the series stand out from other dating simulators, and this time, you can play online too. On Steam, the game has remote play so only one person needs to own the game to play it. Fighting with your friends to romance monsters and bring someone to the meteor shower is much more fun than competing against yourself. Watching your friends succeed and fail at romance is always entertaining.

It should be noted that Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp is a very mature title. There are references to drugs, death, demonology, witchcraft and more. There’s blood and guts and violence as well. It wouldn’t be Monster Prom without all that stuff, but it is definitely for adults only. That being said, the game has a nice feature that lets you turn some of that stuff off if you don’t have any interest in seeing it. You can turn off references to drugs, “toilet humour”, gore and a few other topics that those who are feint of heart might not want to deal with during their playthroughs.

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp feels like a huge continuation of the first game. If you enjoyed the first, then it goes without saying that you’ll get a kick out of this sequel, too. It’s wacky, fun, violent, hilarious and a whole host of other awesome things. The dialogue is as brilliant as ever and includes topical references to today’s pop culture. The characters are charming, weird, sexy and adorable – and you can’t help but love them. Finding a date to the meteor shower is a challenge, but when you do eventually watch those flying space rocks hurtling through the sky, you’ll be happy you’ve got your chosen monster by your side.

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp is available on PC. We reviewed the game with a code provided by the publisher.
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