Nacon Announces New Range of Controllers for Xbox and Cloud Gaming

Nacon Xbox cloud gaming

Turning smartphones into consoles? Sounds like a dream. 

That’s basically what Nacon intends to do with its newest Xbox accessories. Well, that and giving players premium, customisable controllers for PC and console gaming. 

The gaming accessories company has unveiled a range of ‘Designed for Xbox’ accessories, including a pro controller for Xbox consoles and two smartphone controllers for Cloud gaming.


Nacon’s MG-X Series gives gamers that want to utilise Cloud Gaming a way to turn their mobile mobile into an Xbox controller. Sounds a lot better than having to bring a wireless Xbox controller with you everywhere. The MG-X is a more compact controller, while the MG-X Pro is shaped like a traditional Xbox controller with handles.

Both MG-X controllers include adjustable stands that accommodate to any Android smartphone up to 6.7 inches. Connect to it wirelessly and it provides up to 20 hours of gaming with its rechargeable battery. Both also feature official Xbox buttons. As you can see from the photos below, the regular of the series looks very similar to the size of a Nintendo Switch. 

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The console controllers Nacon has announced for Xbox are the Revolution X and Pro Compact. The Revolution follows the success of the company’s PS4 Revolution Pro controller, bringing customisable sticks, weights and profiles to a third party controller. It’ll compete directly with Microsoft’s own Elite Controller. The Revolution X comes in its own carry case.

The Pro Compact packs in all the features of a first party Xbox controller, but allows players to choose between a ‘standard’ game mode or an ‘advanced’ mode. The Pro Compact allows for programmable buttons, stick settings and trigger sensitive controls. 

Nacon’s ‘Designed for Xbox’ range of controllers are set to launch in early 2021.