New Details Have Just Been Revealed for Dead by Daylight’s Upcoming Halloween Event

The spooky time is almost here in Dead by Daylight.

Recently on the Dead by Daylight Twitch channel, a few members of the team got together to discuss fan questions as well as details about the upcoming Halloween event.

“The Eternal Blight” event will include much of what players have come to expect the last three years. The Archives will have some Halloween specific content that will unlock more lore content about The Blight. But this year, the story will come to its conclusion. We’ve experienced the Blight’s story since 2018, but players will finally be able to experience the ending to this tale.

Tome V will have all of the original entries of the story available so players can get up to speed. During the event you’ll be able to unlock an outfit, add-ons and more.

The progressive charms for Chapters 1-4 of Tome V will be pustula plants that grow larger as you progress. A new outfit for David King called, “The Ruffian” has David sporting a bald head and mutton chops. Quite the look for him.

For the first time charms will be available as both a log in reward and using promo codes that Behaviour Interactive will put on their social media pages.

Additionally, the team is bringing back the classic Halloween themed flashlight and med-kit. What’s different this year is that there are a few unique add-ons for these items. Shown on stream was the Broken Bulb Add-on. The Broken Bulb makes the survivors flashlight flicker. It’s just a spooky addition that doesn’t give the survivor any special advantage.

There is also, for the first time, a universal killer add-on called the Blight Serum. If the killer has the serum equipped during the game, after hooking a survivor they’ll be able to do one quick dash move before going back to their normal speed.

And those were all the big announcements revealed on Stream. The Eternal Blight Event for Dead by Daylight begins next Wednesday October 21st through November 4th so log in then to see what spooky scares the game has in store.

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