New Skins, Weapons and More are Available in New Resident Evil Resistance Update

New month means new updates and Resident Evil Resistance is no exception.

The team behind Resident Evil Resistance, the 4v1 asymmetrical horror game that comes bundled with Resident Evil 3, has just released a huge new update. Not only does it address various bug fixes, it also adds a whole host of new content.

Some of the biggest things coming the game are new cosmetics, new weapons and a new creature.


The new cosmetics include:

  • 5 new weapon skins
  • 35 new survivor skins
  • 10 new survivor gestures
  • 30 new sprays
  • 10 new creature skins
  • 4 new zombie gestures

New weapons and monsters have also been added:

  • New Kashima weapon (can be purchased from the armory in all areas)
  • New Rai-Den weapon (can be purchased from the armory in areas 2 and 3)
  • New creature Ne-α has been added. It can be spawned by using the new Ne-α skill card.

Speaking of skill cards, a tonne of new cards have just been added, including:

  • The Shock Trap skill card – Places a trap that shocks nearby survivors when triggered. Causes temporary paralysis.
  • The V-ACT Zombie skill card – Spawns a zombie buffed with Berserker, Regen, Energy Leech and Infection. Interrupts Bio Energy recharge for a short duration.
  • The Remove Limiter skill card – Immediately decrease Ultimate Skill cooldown by a a certain amount. Interrupts Bio Energy recharge for a long duration.

Not only does the update come with these exciting changes, but it includes updates for the Masterminds, adjustments and fixes, and system changes.

Want to see all of the things being added? You can read the full patch notes right here. The update is live now on PC and PlayStation 4 with the Xbox One update coming soon.

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