Sony Gives Us Our First Look at PS5’s Dashboard and User Interface

You can see a first look at the PlayStation 5’s user experience now.

Over on the PlayStation Blog today, a new video gives us a look at PlayStation 5’s user experience. While the overall look will be immediately recognisable to anyone familiar with PS4, a wealth of new features will help players make their experience more personalised and easy to use.

The first thing shown in the video, which you can watch below, is the Control Center. This gives players everything they need just by clicking the PlayStation button on the centre of the DualSense controller.


Activities can be seen using the UX’s on-screen “cards” inside of the Control Center. Cards allow you to see a range new gameplay opportunities. The example shown is a collectible outfit the player missed the first time around in Sackboy: A Big Adventure. The card highlights the available challenge, and clicking on it will take the player to the spot in the game they need to be. Where developers have enabled the feature, cards will be able to provide hints and guides for players without needing to search the web.

The video also shows off how to navigate through the PlayStation 5’s interface and how easy it is to switch between games. You can also see what it’s like to jump into online matches. Everything has been rebuilt to give players a next-generation experience, and you can see how different the PlayStation 5 looks from its predecessor.

Look out for more information about the console as it gets closer to its November 12th release date.