You Can Now Request a PSVR Adaptor for PS5

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Looking to play PSVR on your PlayStation 5? You’ll need to request an adaptor.

Out of the box, your PS5 console won’t be compatible with your PSVR headset. You’ll need an adaptor in order to make it work. Why? Well, the PS4-compatible PlayStation Camera, that you need to use PSVR, can’t connect directly to a PS5 console. The adaptor doesn’t come in the box, so you’ll need to request one from Sony.

The online form to request an adaptor is now live, so if you’ve got a PS5 on pre-order and own a PSVR, you’ll want to fill it in.


All you’ll need to do in order to request yours is head over to this support page.

In order to fill in the form, you’ll need to have the serial number of your PSVR unit to hand. You’ll find your PSVR serial number on the back of the Processor Unit (the little intermediary box that looks like a tiny PS4). Once you’ve inputted your serial number, and it will determine whether or not you’re eligible for the adaptor.

In most cases, it is very likely that you’ll be eligible. Fill in your shipping address and your new adaptor will be on the way.

It should be noted that you must be over 18 to receive the adaptor, and only one adaptor per PSVR unit will be allowed.

It’s as simple as that. This process is completely free, and once you’ve received your PSVR adaptor you’ll be able to enjoy VR gaming on PS5.