Snakebyte Unveils Its Range of Upcoming PS5 Accessories

snakebyte PS5 Twin Charge 5 Header (1)

Just ahead of the launch of the eagerly awaited PS5, Snakebyte has unveiled a range of accessories to help get the most out of it.

Kicking things off is the CHARGE&DATA:CABLE 5. Priced at £17.99, this two-metre long USB 3.2 specification cable has a black and white design to suit the PS5, and is suitable for both charging DualSense controllers and connecting to external disk drives for additional storage.

If you’re not bothered about the data transfer capabilities, Snakebyte will also be offering the CHARGE:CABLE 5. Available in three and five-metre variants, as well as black or white, they will be perfect for those wanting to simply play or charge their controllers at a distance. The three-metre version will be £14.99, and the five-metre version £19.99.


For those who’d like to charge their DualSense controllers in a bit more style, Snakebyte’s TWIN:CHARGE 5 might be right up their street. This dock, available in black or white, allows you to charge two DualSense controllers at once, and also acts as a handy place to rest your controllers when not in use. Equipped with a LED light that lets you know your charging status, it’ll set you back just £19.99 when available.

If you haven’t already got a high-end HDMI cable to connect your next-gen console to your  fancy TV, Snakebyte is happy to provide with its HDMI:CABLE 5 PRO 8K. A two-metre long HDMI 2.1 cable with a black-green mesh design, the HDMI:CABLE 5 PRO 8K supports 4K 120Hz and 8K 60Hz, as well as features such as variable refresh rate (VRR) and auto low latency mode (ALLM). Not bothered about 8K and other fancy features? The three-metre HDMI:CABLE 5 PRO 4K will probably be more to your liking. Both will cost £19.99.

Snakebyte also has a budget PS5 headset on the way. The HEAD:SET 5 has a black and white design and comes in at a wallet-friendly £17.99. With a 1.2 metre cable, it connects to the DualSense controller via its 3.5mm jack and not only features 40mm drivers but also a removal microphone with pop protection.

And the perfect accompaniment to all of these accessories is the GAMES:TOWER 5. It offers storage space for up to ten games, as well as a compact drawer for cables and suchlike. It even has places to holster up to four DualSense controllers, and a separate holster for a headset. You’ll be able to pick it up for £19.99.

All of these accessories will launch alongside the PS5 console on 19th November in Europe. You’ll be able to order them via the Snakebyte website, as well as other selected retailers. Check out the gallery below for images of the various accessories.