Daniel was just your average geek playing a game of Dungeons & Dragons, but then he went to the toilet and everything changed.

In UnEpic you’re transported to a strange and hostile Castle after simply going for a pee. Playing as Daniel, you find yourself inhabited by a dark spirit, and the only way he can be free of you is if you die. So, can you really trust the spirit when he tells you what lies ahead certainly isn’t a trap?

Filled with humour, UnEpic is a game that will frequently have you chuckling. It’s also packed full of quests to complete and items to acquire, constantly rewarding you for your continued exploration of the castle you’ve found yourself in.

Unfortunately, UnEpic falters a little towards the end, introducing strategy elements that just aren’t all that fun, but it’s still a great journey nonetheless. If you want a Metroidvania to play that really focuses on RPG elements, we strongly suggest you check it out.

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