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The Solitaire Conspiracy Gets a New Game Mode Just a Week After Launch

Test your skills in The Solitaire Conspiracy’s new Campaign Plus mode.

Bithell Games’ latest release, The Solitaire Conspiracy, is getting a brand new game mode this week – and it’s only been out a week. This Thursday October 15th, players that really want to test their skills will be able to jump into a new Campaign Plus mode.

In this new mode, there is a fixed deal per mission, no shuffle restarts and a par turn count set by the team. In order to complete the mission you’ll have to meet or beat the par, or you’ll have to start over.

The Solitaire Conspiracy takes the lesser-known solitaire game Beleaguered Castle, adding a dramatic cyberpunk twist to the proceedings. Between FMV story segments, you’ll engage in the classic card game, with the goal being to clear eight rows of cards by arranging the suits in order. Campaign Plus mode makes proceedings tougher by challenging you to do so in a set number of turns. If you’ve found the game too easy so far, then this new mode is for you.

We reviewed the game last week, scoring it a 7/10. The game’s narrative is a little too over the top, but the act of playing is engaging and addicting. We said: “regardless of how you feel about the over-the-top dramatics, there’s an excellent game at the core of The Solitaire Conspiracy.”

If you’re interested in jumping into The Solitaire Conspiracy, it’s available on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. The free update drops on Thursday, 15th October.

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