The Volcanic Mountain Eldfjall is Headed to Lonely Mountains: Downhill

lonely mountains: downhill eldfjall island

Riding down a volcanic mountain? That doesn’t sound safe.

Thunderful Publishing & Megagon Industries have just announced that the volcanic island of Eldfjall will be available to download and play on October 22nd in Lonely Mountains: Downhill.

Eldfjall Island has brand-new challenges for players to take on. These challenges will occur on each of the island’s four trails. Players can unlock new outfits, paint jobs and accessories while they race down the mountain as quickly as they can. There are also new special effects to make the journey more exciting than ever.

But Eldfjall isn’t the only exciting thing coming to the game. There will soon be a free “Daily Rides” update coming to the Lonely Mountains: Downhill, too. This update will feature seasonal challenges. Starting this month, each day a random trail will have new routes, obstacles and shortcuts. You can earn point in the new Halloween daily scoring leaderboards as well to rise above the ranks!

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The new DLC is available for $5.99 starting October 22nd.

Watch the DLC’s trailer below.