5 Tips to Succeed in Ghostrunner

Ghostrunner (1)

Ghostrunner is perhaps one of the most challenging games you will ever play.

It’s fast-paced, requires tremendous acrobatics, and is chock full of enemies, but the real kicker is that you die in just one hit. Also, while most of your enemies are equipped with guns or other ranged weapons, all you have to generally make use of is a sword. But that’s because you are the Ghostrunner, a trained cybernetic assassin – you only need a sword.

We’ve made our way through Ghostrunner and died hundreds, maybe even thousands of times. But hopefully our pain will be of benefit to you. Here are five tips that, if you take on board, will enable you to make your way through Ghostrunner with less difficulty than us. Though it still won’t be easy.


Keep on the move

If you want to stay alive in any of Ghostrunner‘s combat encounters, you need to stay on the move. Stand still for just one second, and you’re liable to get shot if there are enemies with guns around. Not everyone will attack you with guns, though; melee thugs will dive at you from a distance, and you’ll need to dodge them to avoid being pummelled, while you’ll need to parry a ninja’s attack to open them up for a counter-attack. There’s another benefit to keeping on the move, too – it’ll keep you in the flow of the action. And sometimes you need to do things instinctively rather than thinking about them.

Know your enemy

While you’ll initially just be up against standard grunts armed with pistols in Ghostrunner, eventually you’ll find yourself taking on a whole cacophony of adversaries, each with their own quirks that you need to be aware of and exploit. Familiarising yourself with each enemy and how is best to take them down is critical to success in Ghostrunner.

Those standard foes can be easily taken care of by by jumping at them and dodging their bullets mid-air before dashing in for the killing blow, for example. The enemies with the red shields, however, require you to get above or behind them to open them up for attack – look for grapple points or places you can wall-run to get the perfect angle. And again, your mid-air dodge skill that also slows down time comes in useful too.

What you really need to consider though, is what order to take out the enemies presented to you. If there’s a ninja and a rapid-fire energy gun-wielding foe in close proximity to one another, for example, you’ll want to take out the gun-wielding foe first so that you can safely tackle the ninja one-on-one by parrying its attack. Knowing your enemies and quickly assessing those you should take out first in any given situation is imperative.

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Use the right skill

Throughout the course of Ghostrunner you’ll acquire four special skills that can get you out of a tight spot or two or simply make a combat encounter much easier. But you need to learn when to use each skill to get the most out of them.

Blink is the first skill you obtain, and while it’s handy to take down any pesky enemy, it’s best used when you can line up multiple enemies behind each other as you’ll dash straight through them. Later in the game you’ll also unlock Surge, which is great when you have numerous enemies in front of you in a horizontal pattern. Surge has a larger range, too.

Tempest is the second skill you pick up in Ghostrunner, and it allows you to blast enemies in front of you away with force. What’s really neat about it though, is that it can also be used to reflect projectiles sent your way. Keep that in mind when being fired at from a distance with little room to manoeuvre.

And finally, the last skill you acquire is Overlord, that allows you to corrupt an enemy and make it fight for you temporarily. This is best used when there are multiple enemies in close proximity to each other, though always target the one which is more likely to be able to take the others out. That way, there’ll be less enemies for you to deal with once the effect has worn off. Ideally you’ll kill the enemy you hacked before they break free of your skill if they’ve killed all other enemies in the area.


Find the best route

While you can take out the enemies in each combat encounter in any order you see fit, there’s often an optimum path. So, if you find yourself dying time and time again, seek out a different approach. Eventually you’re likely to find a route that enables you to take out every enemy in the area with minimum danger to yourself and in little time. You just need to piece all of your moves and skills together effectively to succeed.

Make a beeline for the blue orbs

In many of Ghostrunner‘s combat encounters you’ll discover enemies encased in blue bubbles, which you’ll soon find are impervious to your attacks. Well, most of your attacks anyway; some special attacks can break through them if you’re desperate. If you don’t have a special attack available, however, or don’t want to waste one, follow the cord from one of the bubbles surrounding an enemy to the orb that’s generating it. Take the orb  down with your sword, and the enemies it was shielding will now be vulnerable to your basic attacks. Basically, then, whenever you enter combat with blue shielded enemies, make taking down the blue orbs protecting them your first priority.