Trials of Mana Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Trials of Mana is celebrating a massive anniversary – 25 years – with game updates, discounts and more.

As part of the anniversary celebrations, Trials of Mana is getting a patch update. Seiken Densetsu 3, as it was known in Japan, was the first title that sparked the beginning of this amazing series.

Patch 1.1.0 for the game includes:

  • “No Future” Difficulty – This difficulty setting gives players stronger enemies, bosses and restrictions of certain items. It also includes time limits for boss battles. The bright side is that players can obtain stronger versions of the equipment and can execute new chain abilities.
  • “Expert” Difficulty and Level Reset in New Game Plus – Players can now select expert when they start a New Game Plus playthrough. They also have the option to revert characters to level 1 when they starting a New Game Plus playtrhough.
  • Costume Adjustments – Unlocked costumes can be accessed after resetting a character’s class or when starting a New Game Plus.
  • Players who complete the game on “No Future” difficulty will receive Rabite Slippers which give players the ability to traverse fields and dungeons without encountering enemies.

Another way that Square Enix is celebrating this anniversary is by giving players discounted prices. You can get those discounts right now on Nintendo Switch and Steam through now until November 2nd. These discounts will be added to PlayStation 4 later in this month.

You can head over to the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation 4 and Steam to take advantage of these discounts and celebrations.