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What Difficulty Should You Play Star Wars: Squadrons On?

Star Wars Squadrons 2 (1)

When playing Star Wars: Squadrons for the first time, you’ll be presented with the question you’ve likely seen many times before: what difficulty would you like to play on?

Star Wars: Squadrons has four difficulty settings for its single-player campaign, ensuring that it’s pretty much suitable for all skill levels. They are Story Mode, Pilot, Veteran, and Ace. But which one is right for you?

Pilot difficulty is the best place to start. On Pilot difficulty, Star Wars: Squadrons is challenging but not overly so. You might die in some missions, but thanks to frequent checkpoints you’ll never be taken back too far. It’s far from being a walkover so your success is rewarding. But its also rarely frustrating.

Stepping things up a gear, Veteran difficulty is for those who have experience with flight games and want a challenge. On Veteran difficulty, enemies are more deadly, doing more damage when they manage to land a hit on you. They’re also more agile, making it harder for you to hit them. To succeed, you’ll need to quickly master the game’s intricacies, and be able to manoeuvre your ship with skill.

Then there’s Ace difficulty, which is truly for the brave. On Ace difficulty, all ships are more fragile – yours and the enemy’s. Death can come really quickly in this mode, so you’ll need mastery of the ships you pilot, and as well as knowledge of the many weapons and functions at your disposal. This difficulty is not recommended for your first playthrough.

Of course, for those who just want to enjoy the game’s story, there’s also Story Mode, which really makes the game’s missions more manageable. On Story Mode you’ll find that enemies are less aggressive, and that your ship is easier to control. Aim assist is enabled as well, making it easier for you to take down enemy ships. Story Mode is also great for those trying to get certain achievements or trophies for attaining certain badges within missions.

On the subject of achievements and trophies, let it be known that some of them require you to beat the game on higher difficulties. So, if you want to get a full 1000 Gamerscore in Star Wars: Squadrons, or the Platinum trophy, you’re going to have to beat it on Ace difficulty at some point. And finally, you can change the difficulty at any time in the game’s options menu.

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