What is the Maximum Level in Torchlight 3?

Torchlight III

If you’re playing Torchlight 3, you’re probably wondering what the maximum level is. We’ve got it right here.

The max level, or level cap in Torchlight 3 is 60. Starting right from level 1, you’ll gain experience by progressing through missions and killing monsters. You’ll keep levelling up until you reach level 60, at which point you’ll stop.

That also means that the max level for items that you can find in Torchlight 3 is also 60. Equipment, weapons and armour tend to match your level, so at level 60, you want to strive to have a full set of equipment that’s also level 60.


It’ll take quite some time to get to level 60, thankfully. You’re unlikely to reach level 60 before finishing the game, meaning you’ll have to spend some time in Torchlight 3‘s endgame to continue gaining experience.

There’s also a chance that developed Echtra Games will increase the level cap at some point via an update. Torchlight II‘s level cap is 100, so it makes sense that at some point, Torchlight 3‘s will be updated to match.

But for now, each of your characters can reach level 60, and that should take you a considerable amount of time to reach.