A Free Trial for F1 2020 is Available on PS4 and Xbox One

F1 2020 1

Dip your toe in with the demo for F1 2020 available now.

Sometimes you just aren’t sure if you want to pick up a game. Demos are a great way to get a quick taste of what games are all about before you decide to buy the full version. Codemasters, the team behind F1 2020, has done just that; there’s a free demo for players to try out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

On loading up the demo, players will be able to create their team and choose a Formula 2 teammate to race with. You’ll compete in the first race weekend in Australia. We can’t promise you’ll see any kangaroos by the side of the track, however.


Split-screen racing and all casual handling modes are available in the demo, too. And don’t worry: if you decide to grab the full game after you play the demo, your progress will carry over so you don’t have to restart. The full version will give you access to the rest of the game modes including Career, Time Trial, weekly events, classic car challenges and online multiplayer.

You can download the F1 2020 trial right now on Xbox one and PlayStation 4. The full game is additionally available on PC and Google Stadia. And if you want to hear our thoughts on the game you can read our full review of it.

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