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A Monster Hunter Movie-Themed Quest is Coming to Monster Hunter World This Week

On Friday, you’ll have a very exciting reason to jump back into Monster Hunter World.

Are we being facetious? Are we being serious? We’re not sure ourselves. It depends how you feel about Milla Jovovich and cheesy movies, we guess.

As you may or may not be aware, a Monster Hunter movie, directed by Paul W. S. Anderson (of Resident Evil movie franchise fame) and starring Milla Jovovich, is heading our way in December. And to celebrate its release, a special Artemis “Monster Hunter” Movie Quest is being added to Monster Hunter World.

However, you’ll need the Iceborne expansion in order to play, so if you have just the base game, you’re out of luck. You’ll also need to be MR 1 or higher in order to pick up the quest.

In the special Artemis Movie Quest, Milla Jovovich herself will make an appearance. Well, a character that is supposed to be her but doesn’t really look anything like her – as you can see in the trailer below.

Still, it’s worth taking part in, as you’ll be able to claim a bonus item pack, which contains:

  • 30x Ancient Potion
  • 30x Dust of Life
  • 10x Golden Egg
  • 3x True Armor Sphere
  • 1x Earplug Jewel +4

The quest will be available from midnight UTC on Friday 4th December. It’s a “limited time” mission, but it’s available for a whole year, until 2nd December 2021. So you’ve got plenty of time to jump in.

Watch the trailer for the new quest below:

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