3Demon’s Souls

Demon's Souls (1)

Demon’s Souls, one of the PS3’s most revered titles, has been remade. And if you’re lucky enough to be picking up a PS5 at launch, you might want to consider adding it to your games library if you’ve got the mettle for it.

When remaking Demon’s Souls, Bluepoint Games has tried to remain as faithful to the original game as possible. So, you’ll find a challenging adventure filled with grotesque creatures, haunting architecture and thrilling combat. This time, however, you’ll be able to battle your way through it at 60fps, or opt for a 30fps cinematic mode that further turns up the already mind-blowing visual splendour.

Either way, if you like games that are as tough as nails but oh-so rewarding to complete, consider Demon’s Souls one of the best PS5 launch games.

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