2Race With Ryan: Road Trip Deluxe Edition

Available on PC, PS4, PS5 (via backwards compatibility), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S (via backwards compatibility) and Switch

From the Ryan’s World franchise, Race With Ryan: Road Trip Deluxe Edition is a re-release of last year’s Race With Ryan. It contains the same base content but adds in lots of additional content too, including new tracks. So if you don’t already own the game, this is the version to buy.

Thanks to its bold and bright colour palette and super simple controls, Race With Ryan is suitable for players as young as three years old. Settings can be tweaked to allow for auto acceleration, so all players need to do is steer their vehicle around a simple track.

It features a range of characters from Ryan’s World, including of course Ryan himself. It’s one of the best racing games for kids there is, especially for those under five.

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