Monkey Around in Party Game Bonkies, Coming in Early 2021


Is that a banana in your robot hand or are you just happy to see me?

Bonkies is an adorable co-op party game that casts you and up to three friends as space-faring monkeys. Yep, monkeys in space. It’s been in Early Access on Steam since 2018, but a full release on PC and consoles is scheduled for early 2021.

This is a party game all about cooperation. You and your friends are equipped with jetpacks and robo-arms, and with them, you need to work together to construct a variety of structures.


As a team, you’ll need to pick up Tetris-like blocks and place them down following an outline provided by the game. Since that sounds a bit too easy by itself, Bonkies throws in a range of obstacles – including blocks that explode – to make it more challenging for players.

While Bonkies is designed as a couch co-op party game, it can also be played alone. There are a numerous levels for players to choose from. You’ll also be able to choose your favourite monkey to travel across the game’s multiple planets and solar systems with.

Check out Bonkies‘ adorable trailer below, and look out for more information closer to its launch.