Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Releases November 19th

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

When the dead walk the Earth what better way to be rid of them than by plummeting them into a watery grave?

A new Bridge Constructor game is on the way, and this time it takes place in The Walking Dead universe. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is set for a November 19th release date and is headed to PC and consoles including Xbox Series X. A PS5 version will follow.

If you’ve never played a Bridge Constructor game before, the gameplay is actually pretty simple. You take on the role of an engineer and architect tasked with designing your own unique bridges. Your goal is to create a bridge that can withstand many vehicles at one time. If not, vehicles will fall into the abyss below, never to be seen again.


In Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, players will be teaming up with Daryl, Michonne and Eugene – popular faces from the television series – as they fight against hordes of the undead. You won’t just be building bridges this time around; you’ll be able to use explosives and baits to lure the undead into traps to help your survivors get across your bridges.

It’s certainly a challenge, but one that’s worth it to see your survivors make it through.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead will release on November 19th for consoles and PC. Keep an eye out for more information as we approach that release date.

Check out the trailer for the game below.