Evolution: The Video Game is Headed to Nintendo Switch Next Month

Evolution: The Video Game

This exciting and fun board game is headed to Nintendo Switch.

It was announced recently that the award-winning strategy digital board game Evolution: The Video Game is headed to Nintendo Switch after a successful run on PC and console. The game will hit the console on December 10th with pre-orders open now.

In Evolution, your main goal is to breed and evolve different species. You have to keep them fed, increase your population and even create whole new species. This all takes place in a kind of board game arena. Many of the choices you make are made through card plays.


We reviewed the game early last year. We loved it, scoring it a 9/10 and saying: “Dozens of different cards and traits are available, so gameplay never gets stale – it is simply a relaxing and entertaining way to spend several hours.”

It’s no wonder that it’s finally making its way to Nintendo Switch, then.

Anyone that pre-orders Evolution: The Video Game before launch will receive a new Evolutionary Arms Race Promo Pack. The Promo Pack includes five new trait cards to use in-game. You’ll also receive the Switch-exclusive tiger skin for use in local and cross-platform games.

Evolution will release on Nintendo Switch on December 10th for $19.99. Check out a trailer for the game below.