Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Just Got a Season 2.5 Update

Fall Guys

Those little beans are still trying to get some wins.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout really took the world by storm when it released this summer, especially after it was available free for PlayStation Plus members. It’s particularly popular among online streamers as it’s easy to jump into game after game to test your skills.

For the game’s initial release, there was only a small selection of levels available. There were also only a few outfits to choose from for its little bean-like characters. However, the release of season two last month added new levels and tonnes more outfits. Now, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is getting a Season 2.5 update for players to dive into.


This mid-season update adds a brand new game into the mix and a few of the original games will be getting remixes. First, the new game mode is called “Big Fans”. It’s pretty self-explanatory: players will navigate through giant fans to get to the end of a course.

The round remixes are going to be a huge change for those players who have fully mastered Fall Guys’ current set of levels. One of the games, Perfect Match, involves players having to use their memory skills. Now, players will not only have to memorise and match symbols together to avoid falling to their deaths, they’ll also have to jump over a moving bar at the same time.

Perfect Match isn’t the only level getting a remix. Players can log into the game right now to see what other surprises are in store!

It’s awesome to see that Fall Guys is getting even more updates to keep things fresh and interesting. You can jump into the game right now to take on these new challenges and also see some of the new outfits available too.

Watch the trailer for the mid-season update below.