From Today, Oculus Quest 2 Supports 90Hz Refresh Rates

When Oculus Quest 2 was announced back in September, Facebook announced it would support 90Hz refresh rates.

It wasn’t available at launch, however; it was to follow in a system update. Well, that update is now available. Along with various other updates, Oculus Quest 2 now has native 90Hz support.

It won’t be available in all games and apps though; it’s down to developers to implement the feature. Once you’ve updated your headset, all Oculus Quest 2 system software will run at 90Hz, and support for certain apps will follow soon.


Facebook has confirmed that 90Hz updates are on their way for SUPERHOT, Echo VR, Beat Saber, Vacation Simulator, Job Simulator, Racket: Nx and Space Pirate Trainer. Undoubtedly, more games will add support over time too.

Before the update, Oculus Quest 2’s refresh rate was 60Hz. This update to 90Hz means that, once they support it, games will run smoother than ever. Images will refresh faster, making you feel even more immersed in your virtual environments.

Also new to Oculus Quest 2 today as part of this update is Oculus Move, a built-in fitness tracker. This gives users an estimate of how many calories they’ve burnt in any one session playing with Quest. If you’re a frequent Beat Saber or Dance Central user, being able to measure your exercise is a handy extra.

Finally, Oculus Link, the tool that lets you connect your Oculus Quest 2 to PC, is out of beta and into full release. As part of its full release, improvements to visual quality have been made, and you can toggle between refresh modes directly from the Oculus PC app.

Find more information about the latest Oculus Quest 2 update on the official Oculus Blog here.