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How to Apply for a Job in Football Manager 2021

Wondering how to apply for a job in Football Manager 2021? Here’s everything you need to know.

Back in the old days of football, managers were often an established figure at a club; they’d be in charge for years and years. But in the 21st century, most managers are lucky if they keep the role for three years. The same can be said in Football Manager 2021. It likely won’t be long before you want to move on, so here’s how to apply for a job in Football Manager 2021.

Be it unrealistic standards, short attention spans or your own desire to move on; you’ll likely not want to stay at the same club for too long. This means you’ll have to apply to new and exciting prospects.

Firstly, to see available jobs, click on the Staff tab and click on Job Security. This will give you a list of available managerial jobs. Note that this is its own tab when you are unemployed. Simply click on the Available button, and there you’ll see the option to apply for the job. You can also register your interest in a job.

However, declaring your interest for a job only seems to make any real impact if you are already an established manager with a good reputation.

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