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How to Play Among Us: Everything You Need to Know to Win

Have you picked up Among Us but aren’t sure how to play ? Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Among Us has been out for two years, but it’s rocketed in popularity recently, largely due to to Twitch and YouTube streamers getting their hands on it. But if you’re just leaping into the game, there can be a lot to take in. Here’s how to play Among Us.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is an multiplayer game, available on Android, iOS and PC. The premise of the game is that a group of up to ten bean-shaped astronauts, known as crewmates, are working on board a spaceship, a planetary base or an office building. They’re each given individual tasks that, if accomplished, result in victory. The catch is that up to three of those astronauts could be impostors, who are trying to stop the crewmates from winning.

Starting a game of Among Us

Among Us does have some offline practice modes, but there’s no way to play against bots. If you want to really experience Among Us, you’ll have to play with real people online, which you do by clicking “online” from the main menu. You can choose to host a game or join a private game if you’re given the code, but to start off you’re best off clicking “find game” and joining a game by clicking on it.

The red number at the top tells you how many impostors may be in the game. We recommend sticking with one until you’ve really got the hang of things. There are three maps you can play on, but The Skeld is a good place to start.

Among Us is very popular right now so you can expect to get messages about the matchmaker being full, as one of several cryptic error messages. Just keep trying until you get a game. You’ll be running around the dropship, able to talk to other players by typing in text, but once the countdown starts, and ends, the game begins properly.

Among Us is an asymmetrical multiplayer game which means that that the teams aren’t even, though you can find the members of your own team turning against you. Once that countdown finishes, you’ll be sorted into one of two teams. You have no choice over which team you’re on.

Controlling your character

By default, you control your character with the mouse on PC, clicking where you want to go. If you’re on an Android or iOS phone or tablet, touchscreen is your only option. But if you’re on a PC, you can click on the cog icon on the main menu and enable keyboard and mouse controls. We recommend you do that, since it’s much easier to evade an impostor if you’re not fiddling with the mouse.

How to play, and win, as a crewmate in Among Us

Once you’ve got the hang of things, check out our dedicated guide for more in-depth tips on how to win Among Us as a crewmate, but here are the basics.

As a crewmate, you run around the ship on foot, completing tasks. Some tasks are multi-part which means, once you’ve started them, you’ll get an arrow pointing you to the next objective.

But mostly, you need to learn where the different tasks are on the map. So if you’re on the Skeld and have to start the reactor, you’ll need to go all the way to the left, down a bit, and complete a “Simon Says” style puzzle to start it. Don’t worry, not all tasks are that tricky.

If you’ve done your tasks, or just want to help find the impostor, you can do a little investigation. Some levels have security offices, with cameras, to help you spot suspicious behaviour, or you can roam about on your own.

Watch out for things like crewmates who go into a room and don’t come out again; that means they may have jumped into a vent, something only an impostor can do. Also watch for a crewmate doing a task – if the green bar at the top of the screen doesn’t go up, they may be an impostor who is faking the task.

Among Us has “visual tasks” (though the can be turned off by the host), such as scanning yourself in the medibay, or shooting asteroids, that can be observed by other players. If they see you doing these, can prove you’re not an impostor, and vice-versa. You might hear an alarm go off, which means you have to run to a location, such as the reactor, and turn the self-destruct off. Watch your fellow crewmates to figure out where these are.

But the impostor is out to kill you so you need to be cautious. Avoid being in the same room with just one person, unless you’ve seen them do a visual task and know they’re not the impostor. If you do get killed, you become a ghost and can still finish tasks, but you can’t do much else. If you find someone else’s body, you can report it by getting close and clicking “report” which will trigger an emergency meeting (more info on those below). You can also hit the “emergency” button if you think you know who the impostor is.

The crewmates win (and the impostor loses) if:

  • They all finish all their tasks (the green bar fills up)
  • They discover who the impostor is and vote them out.
  • The impostor quits the game.

How to play, and win, as an impostor in Among Us

If you’re the impostor, you can roam round the ship to your heart’s content but you also have some extra skills. Your name will also be in red, visible only to you and other impostors. Do not make the mistake of asking the crewmates why your name is red!

You can read our dedicated guide on how to be a successful impostor, but the basics are below.

You can:

  • Kill crewmates, by clicking the kill button once you’re in range, though you’ll have to wait for the kill countdown before you can kill again.
  • Duck into vents, by standing close and clicking on vent. You can move from vent to vent (not all vents are connected), but watch out: if you’re caught on camera or seen using a vent, people will know you’re the impostor.
  • Close doors by clicking on sabotage, then clicking on the doors.
  • Turn the lights and communications off, and shut off the O2 or sabotage the reactor, again using the sabotage map.

Your basic role as an impostor in Among Us is to kill off the crewmates. A good way to do this is to go into a room, ensuring you’re not seen, wait for someone else to arrive, shut the door with sabotage, kill them, and then jump into the vent. You can stay in the vent until someone reports the body if you want. You can also report your own kills, but be careful; if you report a kill in a room with only one entrance, and you’re seen going in, you could be recognised as the impostor.

There might be more than one impostor, in which case their names will also be in red. You  can, in theory, work together with them – but you can’t talk to them, which makes it very difficult.

The impostors win if:

  • The impostors kills all but one other crewmate (this number can changed based on the ratio of impostors to crewmates)
  • The emergency countdown reaches zero.
  • The living crewmates quit the game.

Emergency meetings

Emergency meetings are called when someone finds a body, or when a crewmate or impostor hits the emergency button (for example, the one located in the cafeteria). Be warned: you may only have one use of the button, depending on the match settings.

This is where you can talk to other players. If you’re a crewmate, you might want to tell other crewmates that you saw someone scanning, proving they’re safe. You can talk about who you think the impostor is, and why. If you’ve seen the impostor kill someone, make sure that’s the first thing you say!

On the other hand, if you’re the impostor, you might want to sow dissent. If one crewmate suspects another, you could agree, making it more likely they’re voted out. If someone is suspicious of you, you can try and defend yourself, lying your murderous little face off. And, as an impostor, you can vote.

If you’re confused by the slang, here are a few words likely to pop up:

  • sus” or “suss” means suspicious
  • safe” means someone is not the impostor (though you can ask why that player thinks that is)
  • vented” means a player used the vents

In the emergency meeting, there’ll be a vote, where the crewmates try to discover the impostor. The person who gets the most votes will be ejected from the airlock. If all the impostors are ejected, the game ends. If not, the game continues until the impostor wins or they’re voted out.

And that’s how to play Among Us. You’ll learn even more as you go along; yes, there are people who cheat or play the game in an unsporting way, but there’s still a lot of fun to be had, especially if you’re the impostor. Enjoy!

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