Man Born Without a Hand Gets Venom Snake’s Bionic Arm from Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid Arm

No weapons? Oh well, this arm is still wicked cool.

Well, this is an exciting and unexpected announcement. Konami recently announced, as part of a partnership with Open Bionics, the release of an official Metal Gear Solid bionic arm.

The arm is a replica of the “Venom Snake” arm from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It was created for below-elbow amputees. The arm is made from design clips which attach to Open Bionic’s Hero Arm, making it look just like the arm from the game.

The very first person to receive this awesome accessory is 29-year-old Daniel Melville from Reading who was born without his right hand. Daniel was incredibly excited to receive the arm because he’s an avid gamer. While his arm isn’t equipped with the weapons that Venom Snake has, it’s still an incredible looking replica.

Open Bionics is able to use 3D printing and 3D scanning to custom-manufacture arms for most adults and kids. After the Hero Arm is created it can be made to look like the official Metal Gear Solid arm with magnetic clip-on covers.

People with upper limb differences that might be interested in having this kick-ass arm can register on the Open Bionics website. From there the team will determine eligibility.

To find out more about Open Bionics’ Hero Arm and the Metal Gear Solid cover, head to the official website.

What an incredible innovation!