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7 Nintendo Switch Accessories to Buy This Christmas

The holidays are fast approaching and so are those holiday gift lists!

You might feel overwhelmed at the idea of having to find gifts for your entire family and friends this year. It’s been a rough year and who knows what might be a nice gift to help each other through it. We’d like to take some of that stress away and help those of you that are looking for gifts for the gamers in your life.

In this list, specifically your friends and family that are big Nintendo Switch gamers. There are loads of accessories out there to make gaming on Switch much easier. We’ve rounded up some of the best Switch accessories that any Switch owner would be glad to own.

Mario Travel Case

If your friends want to travel in style with their Nintendo Switch, then look no further than this Mario travel case. With a red container wrapped in Mario’s well-known overalls, Mario fans will love the look of this case. Not only that, but it holds the Nintendo Switch console, up to 10 game cartridges and all of the cables you need. It’s a great gift for anyone.

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Hori Switch Split Pad Pro

HORI Split Pad Pro 1 (1)

If you or your loved one prefers gaming on Switch in handheld mode, then the Hori Split Pad Pro is the best way to do that. These controllers replace the Joy-Cons on either side of the Switch’s screen. They lose some functionality – you can’t use movement, for example – but they’re incredibly ergonomic and comfortable to hold. Shaped more like a traditional controller, they make extended gaming periods a joy. And a ‘turbo’ button comes in handy when playing competitive games. Plus, they look super cool, too, and they’re available in a number of colours and designs.

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Satisfye Nintendo Switch ZenGip Pro

If you don’t feel like buying a whole new controller, this ZenGrip Pro is also a great gift for those that play mostly in handheld mode. The Switch slides easily in the grip and the silicone tabs keep your Switch from coming in contact with the grip, so there’s no risk of scratching. It adds traditional controller-shaped grips to either side of your Switch, making it much more pleasant to hold.

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Nintendo Switch Storage Tower

This gift is perfect for the gamer that has everything else Nintendo Switch related, but doesn’t know where to put it all. This storage tower holds the games, the Switch itself, controllers; heck, it even holds a Pokéball. It looks sturdy but lightweight and would be easy to place on top or next to an entertainment centre.

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FastSnail Grips for Joy-Cons

Switch owners who like to play in co-op will likely know how uncomfortable it can be using one Joy-Con as a controller.  These little grips transform a Joy-Con into a regular-shaped controller, making for much more comfortable multiplayer gaming. At $12 for a pair, they’re super cheap too, making for an ideal stocking filler.

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Nintendo Switch microSD Card

Possibly one of the most essential accessories to get for the Nintendo Switch is an SD card. The Nintendo Switch only has 32GB of storage, which doesn’t hold many games. Heck, some games are larger than 32GB by themselves. So it’s practically a necessity to buy a MicroSD card. You don’t need to have a Switch-branded card; any MicroSD card will work. But just make sure it’s a high-speed one.

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Nintendo Switch Lite Plastic Case

The last item on our list is for those Nintendo Switch Lite owners. While the console is moderately lightweight, it’s portable and meant to be brought wherever a portable console might go. And that means it needs some protection. This plastic case is great for keeping the Switch Lite console safe and, because it’s clear, you can still see the colour of the Switch underneath which is perfect for those that bought a specific colour of Switch on purpose.

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