Sony’s Takeover of London for the PS5 Launch is Brilliant

Trying to get to Hyde Park? You’ll want Ratchet and Clankaster Gate station.

To celebrate tomorrow’s launch of PlayStation 5 in the UK, Sony has been a little creative with a partnership with Transport for London. It’s taken over certain parts of the London Underground network to inject a bit of… PlayStation flavour into it. And it’s wonderful.

The takeover centres at Oxford Circus Station, one of central London’s busiest Underground stations. There, the roundels – the name given to the Underground’s iconic circular logo – have been transformed to PlayStation symbols both above and below ground.


The platform-level roundels have also been changed at Bakerloo and Victoria’s Central line platforms.

That’s not all, though. Sony’s gone so far to have the cheek of changing the name of four stations. Mile End has become Miles End. As homage to Miles Morales. Lancaster Gate is now Ratchet and Clankaster Gate; Seven Sisters is Gran Turismo 7 Sisters, and West Ham is Horizon Forbidden West Ham. All much better if you ask us.

The takeover will last 48 hours, with stations returning to their original (boring) state in the early hours of Friday. It’s just a shame that with the country in national lockdown thanks to Covid-19, more people aren’t going to be able to enjoy the in the flesh. But if you do happen to be using the Underground for your necessary travel, hopefully seeing these excellent temporary signs will bring a smile to your face.

This is the silly sort of joy we all need in our lives right now. Thanks, Sony.

London PS5 takeover