One of my favourite things to do when in London is to take photos of the goings-on around me.

It’s such a bustling city, so there’s always something worth photographing. The fictional London in Watch Dogs Legion is no different; huge and varied, it feels alive thanks to the people in it. Walk around the streets in-game and you’ll see people going about their lives. Some are simply walking around, but others… well, they like to march to their own beat.

From buskers to beggars and impromptu street artists – and even an old couple making out in an alleyway – there’s been much to see while exploring Watch Dogs Legion. Here’s a series of street photography-style images taken using the in-game photo mode of London citizens living their best (or worst) lives.


Click on images to enlarge. Captured in 4K on Xbox One X, downsized to 1080p.