Super-Chill Trainset Game Tracks is Coming to Switch Next Week

Tracks – The Train Set Game has been available on other formats for a while, but it’s finally making its way to Switch next week.

Dubbed Tracks: Toybox Edition, the Switch version contains the Sci-Fi and Suburban DLC packs that were sold separately on PC and console. The Sci-Fi pack allows you to build in all new space environments, while the Suburban pack keeps things a little more down to Earth; it adds in new buildings, such as a pub, a cinema and a café, and introduces new passengers, animals and vehicles.

Tracks is best described as a toybox sandbox game. You can play however you want, and the only real goal is to have fun. You’ll build your own toy train track, and decorate around it with buildings, people, scenery and more, until you have a bustling toy town.


With the extra DLC bundled into the Toybox Edition, you have more freedom than ever to make a truly creative toy world. It’s the sort of game that’s fun to put on and unwind with; there’s no pressure, no stressful targets to meet. Just you, and an unlimited amount of tracktrack and decorations.

If you fancy jumping into Tracks: Toybox Edition on Switch, it launches digitally next week on 24th November. A physical edition will follow on 4th December. Just in time for Christmas!

You can check out the new trailer below. To find out more about Tracks, read our review of the base game here.