Terminator: Resistance Gets New Infiltrator Mode on Steam Only

Terminator: Resistance Infiltrator Mode

Terminator: Resistance players can now enjoy a new mode for free on Steam.

Reef Entertainment has revealed a brand new update for Terminator: Resistance, but only on Steam. This new content, called Infiltrator Mode, is available from today, completely free for players who own the game.

What can you expect from Infiltrator Mode? This new game mode has players joining SKYNET as the T-800. Your task is to find a Tech-Com Field Commander called Ramirez. And, of course, being a T-800 means taking out anything or anyone that gets in the way of your mission.

Players will be able to work towards finding Commander Ramirez by traversing a new map. The map will be riddled with Resistance patrols, weapons caches, hideouts and more. You’ll be able to gain INTEL at these locations, which will get you closer and closer to your main goal.

That’s not all that comes with the update. Players will also be able to use new weaponry as well as a scoreboard so they can compare their performance with others all over the world.

Infiltrator Mode is currently only available on Steam. It’s not yet been announced whether it will be making its way to other formats, but it seems likely it will at some point.

Check out the trailer for the new update below.