1Pleasure Your Eyes With These Games That Feature RTX Ray Tracing

Control RTX (1)

So you’ve gone and done it. You’ve bought an Nvidia RTX graphics card that supports hardware accelerated ray tracing.

The hardware by itself isn’t going to magically make all of your games ray traced, however. If you want to see some ray traced visuals, you’re going to have to acquire some games that are programmed with them in mind. Thankfully, there’s growing support for ray tracing in games, but not all of them impress. And you’re going to want the best games with RTX ray tracing to show off your hardware, aren’t you?

We’ve put together a short list of the best games that currently have RTX ray tracing support. Pick any of these up, and you’ll be able to appreciate what RTX ray tracing is capable of. Which is to say that you’ll be immersed in worlds more lifelike than ever before. So, click on through.

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