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You Can Now Transfer Your PS4 Save to Spider-Man Remastered on PS5

Spider-Man Remastered 1

Players that swung over to the PlayStation 5 version of Marvel’s Spider-Man may be happy to hear this news.

Highly requested by players, Insomniac Games recently released an update that allows players to export their old Marvel’s Spider-Man saves to the remastered version on PS5.

Better yet, if you’ve completed the game on PS4, transferring your save will automatically unlock all your trophies on PS5, too. For those that work hard to get their PlayStation trophies, this is a pretty big deal. And, of course, it’s good for those that may be in the middle of a game and wish to switch to the new console.

Wondering how to export the game onto your PlayStation 5? A lovely Twitter user walked fellow players through it and it seems pretty easy:

  • Simply make sure that both versions of the game on both consoles are updated
  • When in Spider-Man on PS4 hit R1 in the main menu to upload your save data
  • And do the same on PS5

But that update isn’t the only thing that’s new. Three new suits, previously only in Spider-Man Remastered, will be coming to the PS4 version, too. They allow Peter Parker to dress his very best while he swings from building to building. Two of the new suits look pretty up to par with some of the others already in the game. The third, on the other hand, looks something like a Transformer if you ask us. So if you’re interested in being a “robot in disguise,” be sure to update your game. They’re expected to arrive later this week.

Good luck exporting your files, kids, and enjoy your quippy web-slinging too.

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