Among Us Airship Trailer Reveals Details of New Map

Among Us Airship

Among Us’s latest level has been revealed, and we couldn’t be happier.

Ever since watching A View to a Kill, the fourteenth James Bond film, we’ve wished we could just eject enemies out of an airship and it looks like this new map will finally allow us to fulfil that fantasy. The trailer, released during 2020’s Game Awards, doesn’t show people being ejected via the “special door” but we can’t think of any other way this new content would let you deal with impostors.

Among Us, an asymmetric multiplayer game, charges players with completing tasks while uncovering the identity of up to three impostors who are doing their level best to murder you. We’ve put a good 40+ hours into the game so far so we’d never turn our nose up at a free new level.


Inner Sloth, Among Us’s developers were planning on making a sequel but, due to the game’s popularity (it was released in 2018 but found a second life through streamers) they decided to concentrate on adding new content to the original.

Gamespew Among Us Blimp

What’s especially intriguing about this new airship map, apart from the steampunk aesthetic, is that it seems to sport a few new gameplay features. For example, after a meeting, you can choose which room you want to start in. It’s not clear whether this is exclusive to the airship level or if it’ll eventually be added to all levels, but it’s another handy way of staying ahead of the impostor or, if you are the impostor, getting some sabotage done without others being able to follow you.

There’s no definite release date for the new content, other than early 2021, but you can check out the trailer below. Max Zorin would be proud.