Carrion Gets a Free, Gore-Spattered Christmas Level


Carrion, the reverse-horror game that cast you as an amorphous man-eating, monster has a new, short, Christmas-themed level.

In Carrion: Greatest Time of Year, you don’t get to assimilate Santa, or smear his elves across the walls of a snowy research complex. But it’s more Carrion and it’s free, so there’s no reason not to dive in.

As with Carrion’s main chapter, your job (as the horrifying entity) is to escape the complex by devouring all who get in your way, using your special abilities to negotiate obstacles and, sometimes, possess people just for fun.


There are a couple of neat features, such as the ability to electrify rooms, which makes us wonder if this isn’t Phobia Game Studio testing out some new ideas for a sequel or, potentially, paid DLC. Certainly, we’d be up for a Carrion sequel; in our review we called it “a real treat for horror fans”, though we were disappointed by the way it ran out of steam near the end.

Carrion: Greatest Time of Year is currently only available on PC, through Steam. Given we’re creeping towards the New Year, we’d be surprised if it landed on the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, particularly since it relies on Carrion’s newly-added mod support.

If you do have Carrion on Steam, the new content should have been added with the latest update. And if you don’t, it’s 25% off in the Steam sale.

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