Curious Expedition 2 is Headed for a Full Launch in Early 2021

Curious Expedition 2

This Early Access game is on its way to a full release.

It’s always lovely to see a game coming out of Early Access and blooming into a beautiful fully-released butterfly. This time around that game is the turn-based roguelike title Curious Expedition 2.

Thunderful Publishing and developer Maschinen-Mensch have been working on getting their title ready for a full release since June 2020. Feedback from the community on Steam has been essential to the success of the game.


Based in 1889 during the Paris World’s Fair, the game takes place during a time when a strange discovery has just been made. There are mysterious islands in the Atlantic ocean that have begun appearing (and disappearing) as if by magic. You play as a group of explorers that are part of the three great Explorer Clubs of Paris. Your goal is to investigate these strange islands, taking in the sights and sounds of each, with the goal of making history and bringing home your incredible discoveries.

You must be careful, though, because one wrong choice and you might lose everything and have to start over. Nothing is worth the life of your team, but it can be tempting to leave them behind for some of your shiny spoils.

Curious Expedition 2 is set to release in early 2021 for $19.99/£19.99 on PC. A release has also been planned for later in the year on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Want to get your hands on the game right away? You can still purchase it right now and enjoy the game in Early Access on Steam.

Check out an Early Access trailer for the game below.