Cyberpunk 2077’s Refunds Are an Inconsistent Mess

Cyberpunk 2077 2

Looking to get Cyberpunk 2077 refunded? Depending upon how you bought the game and which platform you’re on, you could have a fight on your hands.

CD Projekt Red’s much anticipated RPG, which launched last Thursday, has generated a fair amount of ire amongst players. People with a ‘last gen’ console are finding the game runs poorly. PS4 and Xbox One players have experienced crashes, frame rate drops, textures that failed to materialise and all manner of issues. Even those playing a (powerful) PC, PS5 or Xbox Series X have run into glitches ranging from funny to infuriating.

In response to these problems, CD Projekt Red issued a statement explaining that, while they were working to correct the issues, anyone dissatisfied with Cyperpunk 2077 could request a refund. The statement doesn’t specifically limit refunds to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 platforms, and advises players to get a refund through the Xbox or PSN store systems, if they purchased it digitally. Alternatively, if you purchased a boxed copy, the store where you got it should apparently be your first port of call.


However, players are discovering that, despite CD Projekt Red’s promises, getting a refund isn’t all that simple. Twitter is awash with so many “refund denied” stories you can hear Geralt facepalming. Certainly, the company is in danger of losing a lot of the goodwill it generated with The Witcher 3 and its prequels.

The Witcher

The issue seems to be that, while CD Projekt Red have invited players to get the game refunded, they haven’t made any kind of arrangement with the storefronts in question. Reportedly, Xbox have been the most forthcoming in offering refunds. Steam does appear to have issued some refunds, though since the semi-automated refund process has a two-hour play limit, owners of the game have had to apply manually.

Those seeking a refund through Sony’s Playstation Network, however, have hit a brick wall. Twitter user @kunaiss posted their experience with Sony’s refund process which, going by other posts, is by no means unique. @kunaiss’s request was flatly denied, advised that “Two large game patches in January and February should resolve many of the issues you are currently experiencing”. Further protestations were shut down by the Playstation rep.

Meanwhile, a lot of people attempting to return boxed, open copies of Cyberpunk 2077 found themselves being turned down by the stores they purchased it from. The original statement does give CD Projekt Red as a second point of contact; certainly, the UK store we made enquiries at advised just that. The sales clerk we spoke to said they hadn’t had a lot of refund requests, but they wouldn’t be accepting returns and would be directing people to CDPR.

In the UK at least, the Consumer Rights Act gives players the legal right to refunds under certain circumstances. Eurogamer has an excellent summary of the updated act, so, if CD Projekt Red is unable to remedy these issues within a reasonable amount of time, the outlets that sold Cyberpunk 2077, both online and offline, may still be on the hook for refunds.

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