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Dragon Age's Solas

Dragon Age 4 Teaser Trailer Brings Varric, Grumpy Solus

Dragon Age 4 has a new teaser trailer, revealed at last night’s Game Awards.

The trailer features Varric, the dwarven medallion-man from two of the previous Dragon Age RPG games, talking over various fantasy scenes, including a knight who’s about to be murdered by angry giant tortoises. And.. that’s it, really.

The trailer warns ahead of time that it’s not actual gameplay footage, so it’s really just there to remind Dragon Age fans that Dragon Age 4 is still in development and that Solas is the absolute worst. Just the absolute, absolute worst. The trailer also suggests your hero will be ‘different’, so it could be that Bioware are shaking up the class system from previous games.

Bioware, developers of Mass Effect, are also responsible the Dragon Age games, though the series’ executive producer recently left the company. It’s been suggested the game won’t see the light of day until 2022 and, going by the lack of gameplay footage in the trailer, we can well believe that.

Curiously, the game doesn’t refer to Dragon Age 4 as Dragon Age 4. Instead, it calls it just Dragon Age or The Next Dragon Age. In which case, we’d like to offer the following title suggestions:

  • Dragon Age: Go To Work on an Egg
  • Dragon Harder
  • Leisure Suit Varric
  • Dragon Age: They’re Darkspawn – If You Call Them Orcs and Goblins One More Time I’ll See You in Court

Either way, it looks like Dragon Age fans have a little wait ahead of them, but if you’ve got the patience of an ancient, slumbering archdemon, you can check the trailer out below.

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