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Evolution: The Video Game

Evolution Shines on Switch Thanks to its New Multiplayer Features

If the world was still survival of the fittest, I would be the deadest.

Seriously. I’ve got no fight in me. Thankfully, I play video games and I can hone my survival skills there. One great place to do that is in Evolution Board Game from developer North Star Digital Studios. In the game, your goal is to breed and evolve species. You have to keep them alive by making sure to get them enough food, but you’ll also be helping new species grow and adapt to the harsh world at the same time.

Evolution is based on a board game of the same name from 2014. I reviewed the game on PC in February 2019, and was excited to see that the title had made its way to Nintendo Switch. What I really enjoyed about the game was how easy it was to learn due, in part, to its helpful tutorials. But it’s also just a really fun board game adaptation – and I’m a sucker for a great board game.

So why revisit the game again? The Switch version has some really cool new features. Monthly multiplayer has been added to the game which allows players to compete against other Evolution players to see who is the best of the best. Additionally, players can take on the game’s weekly challenges.

I was happy believing that I was pretty good at the game against AI players, but against real players the difficulty sky rockets. I’ll probably continue to play against AI to try and avoid more humiliation, but for players who want to really test their skills, monthly multiplayer is good fun. The same goes for the weekly challenges. Games of Evolution can get repetitive against the AI, but the weekly challenges change things up and give players specific goals to try and achieve.

Additionally, if you have friends or family members around to play the game with, the Nintendo Switch version of the game has an awesome pass-and-play feature. This makes it easy to sit down on the couch and play the game together. Apart from multiplayer, Evolution still includes over six hours of main campaign for players to master.

Evolution fits perfectly on Nintendo Switch. It’s the ideal platform for a digital board game, and its new multiplayer features are charming and fun to play (even if I’m terrible and always lose). As a board game it’s great, and as a video game, it’s even better.

You can grab Evolution on the Nintendo eShop right now to check out these cool features for yourself.

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