Fall Guys’ Winter-Themed Season 3 Starts Today

Fall Guys

Fall Guys Season 3 kicks off today, giving the knockout-style battle royale a winter-themed makeover.

We’re still a bit annoyed that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (to give it is full title) hasn’t added a Lee Majors skin but the snowy shenanigans are set to be a lot of fun.

Fall Guys launched a mere four months ago but has become absurdly popular, offering Battle Royale antics without the need to shoot someone in the head. One hundred bean-shaped costume-wearing entities hurl themselves at one of several courses, struggling to make it to the finish line before the competition. Subsequent levels whittle down the survivors until only one King Bean remains.


Season 3 features a whopping seven new levels, 30 new costumes and new emotes. Fall Guys‘ costumes (which are purely cosmetic) have to be unlocked using in-game points, earned or purchased. The levels, on the other hand, are accessible to all. There will also be in-game events; we’re counting on a special visit from Big Santus, hurling presents at anyone who gets close to winning.

You can dive into Fall Guys Season 3 right now on Xbox, PC and Playstation 4. Or you can check out the Season 3 trailer below.

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