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How to Fast Travel in Immortals Fenyx Rising

The world presented to you in Immortals Fenyx Rising is huge, so you’re not going to want to travel everywhere by foot.

If you climb a high point you can glide a considerable distance, of course, and if you tame a mount you can also travel much faster on its back. But by far the most efficient way to get around the massive map found in Immortals Fenyx Rising is to fast travel. Unfortunately though, you can’t fast travel anywhere in Immortals Fenyx Rising – you’re going to have to do some exploration first.

To fast travel in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you first need to bring up the game’s map. From there, simply point your cursor over a location you can fast travel to, then press the required button to fast travel when prompted.

Fast travel points include the Hall of Gods located in the southern side of the map, completed Vaults of Tartaros, and places of interest, which have icons that look like fancy pillars. Needless to say, you’ll have to discover these places first.

Of course, it helps if you can actually see the finer details of the map when opening it, so whenever you enter a new region, climb the giant statue at the centre of it and scout the area to remove the clouds. After doing so, the statue will also become a fast travel point, giving you a good place to glide from when hunting for chests, ambrosia, etc.

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