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How to Get Blue Adamantine Shards in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Used for upgrading weapons and armour, you’re going to want a lot of Blue Adamantine Shards in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

By upgrading your weapons and armour, you’ll be able to dole out and withstand much more damage in Immortals Fenyx Rising. And once at level 4, your weapons and armour will provide additional perks, too. But how do you get the Blue Adamantine Shards required to upgrade them?

Thankfully, Blue Adamantine Shards are the easiest to acquire.

You get Blue Adamantine Shards for defeating common enemies and looting pretty much any chest, which means you’ll acquire a decent amount of them without having to go out of your way.

Like other coloured Adamantine Shards, you’ll also find clusters of them high up from time to time. Look out for the tell-tale sparkle then give the blue cluster a good whack for a decent number of Blue Adamantine Shards.

Completing the challenges doled out at the Hall of God’s may also net you some Blue Adamantine Shards. Check in on them regularly to see what rewards are on offer. Honestly though, you should get enough Blue Adamantine Shards to fulfil your needs simply by playing.

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