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Immortals Fenyx Rising 2 (1)

How to Get Red Adamantine Shards in Immortals Fenyx Rising

As you make your way through Immortals Fenyx Rising you’re going to want to upgrade your weapons. And to do that you’ll need Red Adamantine Shards.

You actually need both Red and Blue Adamantine Shards to upgrade your swords and axes, but Red Adamantine Shards are much harder to obtain. And so how do you obtain them, you’re probably wondering?

You have three options when it comes to getting Red Adamantine Shards. The first is hunting down and killing unique enemies. You’ll find some of these out in the open world if you look hard enough, and you’ll also encounter many as you make your way through Immortals Fenyx Rising‘s story. Basically, every time you defeat an enemy who’s name appears at the top of the screen like a boss, you’ll get Red Adamantine Shards for defeating them.

Red Adamantine Shards can also be obtained by looting Guarded Chests. When entering any new area, find a high point and scout it out for points of interest such as chests, Ambrosia and Vaults of Tartaros by holding in the right analogue stick. Once you have located some Guarded Chests, head to them and defeat the enemies protecting them. Inside the chests you’ll find Red Adamantine Shards and no doubt some other goodies.

While exploring, also keep an eye out for clusters of Red Adamantine Shards growing in high places. They’re not shown on the world map, so you’ll just have to watch out for their tell-tale sparkle. Give them a whack when up close and you’ll get plenty of Red Adamantine Shards from them.

Finally, completing challenges doled out at the Hall of Gods can also reward you with Red Adamantine Shards in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Check in on them frequently to see if you’ve completed any and claim your rewards.

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