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Immortals Fenyx Rising

How to Upgrade Your Maximum Stamina in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Stamina is very important in Immortals Fenyx Rising, as it determines your ability to climb, glide and more.

For that reason, you’re going to want to increase your maximum stamina as you make your way through Immortals Fenyx Rising. Otherwise, you might quickly find yourself at a disadvantage.

To upgrade your maximum stamina in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you need to collect Zeus’ Lightning. You also need to have progressed far enough into the game’s story to have unlocked the Hall of Gods.

To get Zeus’ Lightning, simply complete the many Vaults of Tartaros spread across the game’s world. You generally get a single Zeus’ Lightning for each one you complete. Zeus’ Lightning is also sometimes rewarded for completing the challenges doled out at the Hall of Gods, however, so bear that in mind.

You’ll need at least four pieces of Zeus’ Lighting to increase your maximum stamina – the number goes up as you upgrade. Once you have enough Zeus’ Lightning for an upgrade, simply return to the Hall of Gods and look for the altar that has a lightning bolt as an icon. Interact with it, and you’ll be able to upgrade your stamina.

The same screen will also let you know how many pieces of Zeus’ Lightning are needed for your next upgrade, as well as how many you currently have.

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