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I Am Jesus Christ

I Am Jesus Christ Gets a New Christmas Trailer

I Am Jesus Christ, an oddball miracle-sim that puts you in the dusty sandals of Jesus Christ, has a new trailer just in time for Christmas.

According to the game’s Steam Store description, you’ll be able to “Perform amazing miracles, interact with a cast of biblical figures and travel around the Holy Land from Jerusalem to the Galilee.” There’s no mention of throwing the money-lenders out of the temple but we’re hoping that there’s at least some asshole physics involved.

The trailer features a vaguely Morgan Freeman-like voice reading from the bible, while retelling parts of the Christmas story. Unlike the previous trailer, it does some feature some glimpses of actual in-game footage. It also underlines that all the supposed gameplay from the launch trailer was entirely pre-rendered.

There’s a fly-by of what appears to be Old Jerusalem and a brief first-person glimpse of Jesus walking on water. True, you can do the same in Skyrim but, presumably, you won’t have to contend with slaughterfish here. We’d love to be able to play as Young Jesus, sneaking off to the Temple, abusing your God-given powers to distract guards. Let’s see how alert you are when your body is 70% wine, eh?

Though, in truth, it’s early, early days for the title and details are a little thin on the ground. Developer SimulaM and publisher PlayWay have an early 2021 Kickstarter planned, so the trailer is really here just to remind us the game is in development. You can cast your eyes over I Am Jesus Christ’s Christmas Trailer below.

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